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26.10.2022 - Blog

Vessel Reporting System – can it improve performance?

You can use a Vessel Reporting System to report a wide range of data to optimize overall vessel performance. 

What is a Vessel Reporting System?

The system helps you improve the performance of your maritime fleet. A vast number of factors affect vessel performance and energy consumption, such as fouling, hull and engine status. A Vessel Reporting System helps you monitor and analyze these, so you can take proactive measures to optimize efficiency and reduce TCO.

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How can you benefit from a Vessel Reporting System?

A Vessel Reporting System enables you to optimize vessel and engine performance and reduce Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). It enables you to measure and monitor performance across the fleet to achieve fuel savings.

By monitoring the performance of your vessels, your office crew can initiate TCO optimization based on knowledge of consumption. This is because it assists you in making the right decisions at the right time based on full data visibility.

Vessel Performance Analysis can optimize fuel consumption and reduce emissions

With Vessel Performance Analysis, you can validate actual diesel performance to reduce fuel consumption, maintenance costs and emissions.

The ability to connect increased fuel consumption with maintenance data enables you to define which key performance indicators needs monitoring. Thereby, it is possible to remedy problems observed. You can track the results over the lifetime of the engine.

Vessel Performance Analysis enables you to optimize fuel consumption as well as the daily operation on board the vessels, which may include:

  • Bunker optimization
  • Using data on increased fuel consumption in planning maintenance
  • Checking the status of propulsion engine or generator engines
  • Verifying auxiliary systems (cooling water, turbo charger, lube oil, fuel oil, scavenge air etc.)
  • Logging, monitoring and comparing fuel consumption of each vessel

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Set up Reports to Monitor Performance

With advanced Vessel Performance Analysis, you can get suggestions for improved performance, set up reports and define key performance indicators to minimize downtime.

Sertica ship Illustration

Reports may include noon reporting, consumption reports and off-hire reports, which all affect your vessels’ operating expenditure. You may choose to set up a monthly status on your fleet’s performance and react on issues concerning vessel, hull performance, fuel-and lube oil consumption, bunkers, off-hire time and voyage statistics.

The reports enable you to compare to a baseline, thus deviations to the baseline are discovered and highlighted for analysis.

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