How does SERTICA Fleet Management System work?

How can SERTICA help my company?

Is SERTICA a standard product or do customers have a say in what is developed?



How does my company learn to use SERTICA?

How much training does my company need in order to use SERTICA?



Which Apps does SERTICA support?

Which platforms support the Apps?

Is it possible to access SERTICA from any computer and tablet?



Can SERTICA integrate with other ERP systems?

Does SERTICA integrate with supplier systems?

Can I build my own interface to SERTICA?



Can I freely choose and combine the add-on modules?

Do additional add-on modules require renewed installations?

Does SERTICA support QR codes?



How often do you release a new version?

Does SERTICA offer SaaS?

Does SERTICA offer on-premise solution?

What happens with the SERTICA installation if we upgrade Windows to a new version (e.g. from Windows 7 to Windows 10)?



How do I get support?

Who do I contact to know more?

How do I make sure we are using the SERTICA solution correctly?



What will happen to our data if we decide to stop using SERTICA?

What type of data communication does SERTICA support (vessel vs. office)?

How much data is typically exchanged per month per vessel?



What is the difference between HSE, HSQE and HSSE?

Can SERTICA assist my company with TMSA?

Is SERTICA certified?



Can I manage IHM in SERTICA?

What is an IHM?

Why do you need an IHM?

What is the Hong Kong Convention?