Having the correct data available for decision-making is crucial for any shipping company. The Data Synchronisation module is a data communication engine ensuring stable transportation of data. It is designed specifically to function on unstable network connections. Crew and office enter data in their respective databases and SERTICA synchronizes automatically – thereby controlling the updating of all databases. Frequency of synchronization and allowed data sizes can be determined according to business needs.

Data moves between vessel and office in the form of transactions, which ensures timely data alignment. Data synchronization takes place automatically and SERTICA retries transmission if connection is lost. The module also recovers missing transactions using its unique handshake functionality and handles any type of data connections.  

Key Features

  • Data-transfer between office and vessel databases
  • Automatic synchronization without crew involvement
  • Functions on unstable data connections


  • Accurate and timely data alignment
  • Stable and secure data transportation
  • A system you can trust
  • Happy and well-informed crew
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