Validate actual diesel performance of the engine against ISO corrected values. The ability to connect increased fuel consumption with maintenance data enables you to define which key performance indicators needs monitoring by adding them to the Dynamic Dashboard module. Thereby, it is possible to remedy problems observed. Dashboards enable you to track the results over the lifetime of the engine. The dashboards are shown on board the vessel, as well as in the office for trending and forecasting purposes.

By analyzing the data in SERTICA, you can optimize fuel consumption as well as the daily operation on board the vessels.

Key Features

  • Bunker optimization
  • Use data on increased fuel consumption in planning maintenance
  • Check status of propulsion engine or generator engines
  • Verify auxiliary systems (cooling water, turbo charger, lube oil, fuel oil, scavenge air etc.)
  • Log, monitor and compare fuel consumption of each vessel
  • Get suggestions for improved performance
  • Define key performance indicators


  • Reduced fuel consumption
  • Reduced maintenance cost
  • Reduced emissions
  • Minimized downtime  

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