The Forum module is used for sharing knowledge and experience across the organization. It provides the organization with basis for creating a flow of communication, in which users are encouraged to share their experiences and learn from others. The module is very flexible and promotes communication from office to vessels as well as between the vessels. This allows a benefitting discussion between users as well as an easy distribution of relevant information.

The office can administrate the main topics and categories that should be available for the crew. It is also possible to push important information to targeted roles and track when and who has read the information. It can request acknowledgment to ensure that the receivers have read and understood the information.

The Forum consists of multiple threads and topics. Users can make responses, mark as favorites and attach documents to each thread. The crew can, if allowed, create and respond to threads in the main topic areas.

The Forum module gives all employees access to sharing knowledge as well as engaging in developing the company processes.

Key Features

  • Share knowledge between office and vessels
  • Follow-up on user acknowledgements
  • Encourage users to share experiences and learn from each other
  • Distribute relevant information easily
  • Ensure information is read


  • An organization with healthy communication

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