The Open Process Control (OPC) module automates readings of counter values and alarms from automation systems, which supports the OPC standard.

SERTICA supports several methods for automatic import of counter values, e.g.:

  • ODBC
  • FTP-Server
  • Files import
  • Fast character
  • OLE DB
  • OPC

Based on the readings, it is possible to optimize planned maintenance tasks, as SERTICA automatically adapts the maintenance tasks due dates by reading the counter values.

The OPC module furthermore enables the possibility to activate predefined maintenance tasks, if an alarm in the automation system is activated. At the completion of a job, the system can automatically reset the alarm in the OPC system.

OPC is based upon Microsoft Windows technology and is short for «Open Process Control» and is a communication standard for connecting to units such as «Programmable Logic Controller» (PLC), «Distributed Control System» (DCS) and «Remote Terminal Unit» (RTU).

Key Features

  • Automate readings of counter values and alarms
  • Activate predefined maintenance
  • Automatic reset of the alarm when a job is completed


  • Optimize planned maintenance tasks
  • Activate condition based tasks
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