Mobility and accessibility

The Stock App is designed to overcome the ever-increasing requirements of control and documentation through mobile devices. The app offers great mobility and accessibility.

The app gives you the possibility of optimizing your stock management on your mobile device. Stock-control is performed easier than ever before, since you can do inventory and adjust the stock level on the move.

Identify spare parts with QR scanning

The app menu holds a template of different locations with associated spare parts belonging to each location. Identify the spare part by either choosing its location on your mobile device or scanning a QR-code. Use the QR codes to keep stock updated and optimize inventory.

To perform inventory, simply choose the location e.g. “Shelf 12” or the specific spare part and adjust inventory accordingly. You can also choose to add or subtract from the previous inventory count. By labelling your spare parts with QR code, name, number and technical information, stock management is optimized.

You can synchronize the Stock App with SERTICA when connected to the Internet. Stock Management has never been easier.

Key Features

  • Handle requirements of control and documentation
  • Identify parts by scanning a QR-code
  • Identify the location of a spare part on your mobile device
  • Adjust inventory stock
  • Synchronize with SERTICA when connected to the Internet


  • Great mobility and accessibility
  • Optimized stock management
  • Easy stock control

Get the Stock app in App Store or Google Play.

The Stock App is now part of our SERTICA App, which means that you can manage jobs, forms and now stock in one and the same app.

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