The SERTICA Job Relations module makes it possible to complete multiple jobs at once by relating several jobs to one main job. It streamlines the maintenance routes in relation to cleaning, inspection, lubrication, calibration and more.

Relating jobs makes it possible to streamline maintenance routes by creating routes for different maintenance jobs in SERTICA. Maintenance routes often include several components, elements, and jobs.

Earlier you had to complete each job on the individual component to attain the correct job history.

With the Job Relation module, you no longer need to complete each job because the individual jobs are related to the main job. When the main job is completed the related jobs will automatically be completed as well. The job history can be found both on the main job and on each component.

Do you want to streamline the practical maintenance tasks and reduce the amount of resources spent on administrative tasks in the maintenance department? Then this is module is the perfect solution.

The Job Relation module can be used in the SERTICA App and ensures important information on maintenance routes.

Key functions:

  • Relate multiple jobs to one main job
  • Complete several jobs at once
  • Choose the order of your jobs in maintenance routes


  • Streamline your maintenance routes
  • Obtain an accurate job history on components
  • Save time entering information on each job

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