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31.08.2017 - Noticias, Noticias, Noticias en inglés

Martech Systems to complete SERTICA data implementation on two new-buildings from Tarbit Shipping

The Swedish tanker company Tarbit Shipping AB has chosen Martech Systems as SERTICA data structuring and implementation partner.

Earlier this year, Logimatic secured Martech Systems as an implementation partner for SERTICA. Martech Systems offers services such as data structuring, data implementation, data collecting and data entry, and crew training for SERTICA. Martech Systems will complete an implementation of SERTICA on the two ships being built at a shipyard in Turkey.

Hans Chr. Jensen, Head of Sales at Logimatic says, “We are happy that our customers are already benefiting from our alliance with Martech Systems. We know for a fact, that the task of data implementation in general is a heavy task for all shipping companies. Having a professional partner taking care of this, will reduce the need of internal resources at the shipping company, resulting in a more cost-efficient implementation. This is beneficial to all parties involved.”

The implementation by Martech System involves the complete technical information concerning all the equipments on board. Therefore, the implementation covers relevant job tasks, work procedures and spare parts for all components from maker’s manuals. Furthermore, relevant safety and survey jobs required by SOLAS, MARPOL, SIRE, CDI, CSM and SMS are included.

SERTICA will support the technical department in creating a complete overview of data of the two new-buildings. Anders Hermansson, Technical Chief at Tarbit states, “With a system like SERTICA we can streamline our internal workflows and reduce Total Cost of Ownership.”

Anand Ojha, Project Manager at Martech Systems adds, “It is exciting to implement a customised software like SERTICA. The SERTICA system secures a great data management between the main office and the vessels, including an enhancement of the competitiveness of Tarbit, which is our focus at Martech.”

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