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SERTICA in constant development

Get an overview of the most significant updates added to SERTICA during the past 12 months. New modules have been added, existing modules have been improved, and new features have been developed.

New modules 

The Jobtext Management module assists in governing a uniform job structure by inviting to align jobs. Updates and job procedures are centrally managed, and automatically distributed to relevant vessels.

The Risk Assessment module helps shipowners guarantee the health and safety of the crew on board their ships. Risk Assessment is a systematic way of minimising risks by preventing them with control measures.

The Budget module monitors expenses and budgets for the entire fleet. Monthly reports compare budgets with actual expenses – both for the entire fleet and individual vessels.

Improvements, features and functions

The Dry Dock module has been improved with several new features to improve planning and the reuse between dock lists.

The Approval App is now available on both iOS and Android. The Approval app enables approval of purchase orders, invoices, jobs and much more from your mobile device. 

The Distributed license information is now stored in the SERTICA system. Manage licenses on the unit screen and see current license information for individual vessels in the Office SERTICA. 

You can now change, add and remove buttons from your layout. It is possible to control which functions should be shown for a specific user group. This means that you only see the buttons you use, which reduce the number of errors.

Forms on Job makes it possible to add forms to a job. This could be a hot-work permit before starting a maintenance task or a measurement form to be filled before completing a task. These “forms on job” may be set as mandatory to control the job flow or if specific information is required. This feature makes sure crew members follow a specific workflow and eliminates huge email attachments and hard copies. 

Future developments

Not all updates are included here, so if you have any questions, please contact us. As an existing customer you can give your input to the future SERTICA Roadmap through our «Customer Voice».

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About SERTICA by Logimatic
Logimatic is a Danish Software and Engineering company with more than 30 years of experience in the Maritime industry. Logimatic is a leading global provider of fleet management software for ship owners and ship managers with more than 40 customers worldwide and 1200 active vessels running SERTICA Fleet Management system. SERTICA Fleet Management software is specifically engineered by IT experts to provide customers within the Maritime sector with Planned Maintenance, Procurement and Safety Management.