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05.08.2015 - Noticias, Noticias en inglés

American production facilitiy with SERTICA

The international pharmaceutical company Xellia Pharmaceuticals A/S is expanding to the United States and chooses Sertica for the new facility.

Machinery at Xellia Pharmaceuticals using SERTICA Maintenance system

Xellia Pharmaceuticals A/S is an international pharmaceutical company, which has used SERTICA for the maintenance of the danish production facility since 1999. After 16 years Xellia is so pleased with SERTICA, that they have chosen to expand the use of SERTICA to include the newly acquired facility in North Carolina, USA.  

With more than 100 years of experience, Xellia is a specialist in active pharmeceutical ingredienses (API). This has lead to succes in more than 70 countries and on a worldwide scale Xellia now has more than 1,000 employees.