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19.04.2016 - Noticias en inglés

Engineer Allan uses MBA training to develop business at Logimatic

I april udgaven af Maskinmesteren kan du læse mere omkring Allan H. Rasmussen, senior konsulent hos Logimatic Solutions i artiklen «Forretningsudvikling og innovation som mål.»

In the April issue of The Machine Master, you can read more about Allan H. Rasmussen, senior consultant at Logimatic Solutions in the article «Business Development and Innovation as a Goal.»

Allan has chosen to follow his dream of taking an MBA, and is currently working on the energy optimization concept in SERTICA for shipping. «The business model that we are working with right now is something I wrote about in an innovation project in education. We have copied the paper directly from my assignment and transferred it to the business itself,» says Allan H. Rasmussen.