Data is of great value to any company!

When conducting business in today’s fast moving environment, gathering, preserving, maintaining, storing and utilizing data is an invaluable force, and we often assist our customers in doing so.

Since we acknowledge the great value of your existing data, we have made this a field of expertise, and we assist a lot of customers in preserving and moving data into SERTICA.

Transferring existing data to a new system can be a lot of work. However, migrating your existing data enables you to have a ready-to-use asset management system from day one. Therefore, this step in the start-up of using or converting to a new system is very important and should not be neglected.

Our highly experienced consultants working with data migration have assisted in migrating data from Microsoft SQL databases, Oracle, Sybase and Excel, but also from other asset management systems.

If you have any questions concerning your specific type of data, migration of data or anything related to this, please contact me.

Pablo Grez

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