SERTICA es un software técnico de gestión de naviera que proporciona una visión general de toda una flota. Asegura una comunicación de datos estable entre las naves y la oficina, incluso desde dispositivos móviles. Revoluciona la forma en que opera la gestión de flotas y proporciona una base sólida para el crecimiento continuo y sostenible de la empresa.

Optimize el mantenimiento, adquisición, HSQE y desempeño con una solución flexible de gestión de flotas.


SERTICA es un software de gestión de flota

Beskrivelse: Hoy en día el negocio de naviero se enfrenta a numerosos sistemas y procesos complejos cuando se trata de soluciones de gestión de flotas. Usar diferentes sistemas significa usar mucho tiempo y arriesgarse a cometer varios errores a medida que se avanza. Le ofrecemos UN sistema para satisfacer TODAS sus necesidades.

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“SERTICA nos brinda un control total y una visión de las compras. Esto ha aumentado la productividad del equipo en un 25%."

Sim Teck Siang, Procurement Manager

"The SERTICA Team has gone above and beyond, and really helped Svitzer and for that I am very thankful."

Evangelos Fragkoulis, Chief Technical Officer

Ship Management Software

Fleet management helps you manage and create an overview of all fleet and asset information between the main office and the vessels. A fleet management software is essential to get the most operational insight out of the ship management data across your fleet. It tells you how to optimize your fleet.

Digitalizing your internal processes enables you to lower the costs of documenting, sharing and analyzing data. Changing from a paper-based system into a digitalized all-in-one software solution gives you the opportunity to efficiently manage and control your fleet. Working in SERTICA you achieve reduced costs, improved efficiency and compliance across your entire fleet operation.

We all know that tasks vary from the engine room to the head office, but it is important that everyone collects their information in one place and follows the same processes.

With SERTICA you can manage all communication flows between ship and office, clearly in one system.

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The shipping business today faces many challenges. Marine Ship Managers around the world deal with numerous systems and complex processes regarding Fleet Ship Management. Using multiple incompatible systems is very time consuming and you risk making unnecessary mistakes in the process. We pioneer the one system approach to fleet ship management.

SERTICA offers an all-in-one technical software for Marine Ship Managers with extensive functionality in procurement, maintenance, HSQE, dry-docking, document management, inspections and much more.

SERTICA ship management system is as easy and user-friendly to use at the office, as it is on-board vessels. In fact, the vessel management software is as comprehensive and robust as the shore software with automatic synchronization.

When utilizing the synergy in SERTICA, the result is cost optimization, paperless and streamlined workflows, compliance, stable data exchange and decreased off-hire. It serves to create a profound platform where risks are mitigated in advance and revenues are protected.

At the office side, the ship management solution supports main areas such as:

  • Procurement and Logistics
  • Safety, QMS, ISM, SMS (HSQE)
  • Document Management
  • Fleet Management & Data Supervision
  • Management decision tools for e.g. cost optimization and vessel advising
  • Standardized ERP and financial system interfaces

At the vessel side the solution could cover as minimum:

  • Inspections
  • Inventory
  • Reporting
  • Planned /Unplanned Maintenance
  • Defect management
  • Apps for mobile devices

Add-on modules can easily be added.

  • Complete overview of data
  • Centralized administration of data for technical ship management
  • Unique data management designed for offline usage as well
  • Streamlined workflow
  • Analysis across the fleet – an all in one fleet management system
  • Reliable data synchronization
  • Integration with third-party systems

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When you centralize knowledge, you achieve an overview of your tasks and spare parts and can perform more efficiently. It makes sense that your procurement department and maintenance people onboard your vessels coordinate the procurement of spare parts to avoid delays and unnecessary stock.

The superintendent may need a certain part to perform a maintenance task. The procurement department analyzes who is the most attractive supplier and delivers the part in time for the superintendent to perform maintenance. All these processes are transparent to both maintenance and procurement, so no need to exchange emails to check when the part is delivered. You can always follow the status in SERTICA.

Centralizing and sharing data is not only important, but essential to ensure a cost-effective and efficient processes both in Maintenance and Procurement.

SERTICA makes it simple, efficient and you get data in real time.

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SERTICA is a Ship Management System that goes beyond just managing your fleet. All companies are different, as are their needs and conditions of the different departments and offices. Our fleet ship management is customizable and fits all types of vessels.

SERTICA is based on a holistic approach. It offers a flexible modular structure and broad functional coverage. The solution is divided into functional areas, each offering area-specific modules that can be combined in order to match your company’s specific needs and priorities.

The fleet management software is easy to integrate into businesses of any size.

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Shipping companies using SERTICA share one goal, which is to  achieve high performance and quality in ship management. This is regardless of the size of your organization, vessel or fleet.

To achieve success with a system like SERTICA, you must be committed to high quality and documentation. In addition, the right amount of resources must be allocated.

What makes SERTICA unique in this way is it flexibility, not only in the software but also as a total solution including consultancy and support. We are talking support in qualified project consultancy, ongoing advice, best practice guidance, implementation services, roll-out assistance, administration minimization and cost reducing suggestions.

We meet both the requirements from a single vessel operator and larger shipping companies managing vessels world-wide from multiple offices and subsidiaries.

We speak the maritime language.

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