The Inspection and Audit module meets the requirements crucial to a ship manager. It easily prepares for and follows up on both internal and external audits, inspections, and vetting.

Plan and archive surveyor visits and record any deficiency detected. If needed, inspection findings can trigger observations in the event reporting module ensuring that the right corrective actions take place. This way you ensure a standardized, transparent and effective inspection and audit process.

Through categorization and structuring of inspection jobs, SERTICA can create an extremely flexible planning with the possibility of reusing jobs for future inspections – thereby minimizing the time spent on planning. Furthermore, it is possible to see all previous, current and future inspection jobs and the remarks for each job.

Implement paperless workflows with all your inspections handled electronically. With information on all inspections in the system, you can effectively carry out, track and analyze inspections by vessel type or vessel particulars. Make use of advanced grouping functionality for inspection jobs for easy filtering and reuse. You can set up reports that summarize the progress and results of the inspection.

To help shipping companies handle the ever-increasing requirements of control and documentation, we have developed the Inspection App which supports this module for technical inspections, audits, and vetting.

Key Features

  • Paperless handling of all inspections
  • Inspection and Audit questionnaire tool
  • Import/export functionality for Microsoft Excel
  • Inspection App (register findings and pictures directly)
  • Log and learn from incidents
  • Risk assessment


  • Comply with international requirements
  • Introduce best practice related to inspection management
  • Increase efficiency

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