The Vetting module helps the tanker industry improve their responses to observations made during a vetting inspection. Maintaining the data in SERTICA enables the optimization of future vetting because you are able to effectively take the correct measures and demonstrate compliance with the relevant requirements.

The module contains a web service, which can integrate with the OCIMF web services to retrieve findings related to a given vetting inspection. It enables you to react on follow-ups and remarks received during inspections. This enables you to improve responses to observations, remarks and changes.

A positive rating in OCIMF is extremely important to the tanker industry. Integrate your SERTICA data with external parties such as OCIMF, SIRE and CDI to register, act, track and report relevant information continuously.

Combine this module with the Cause Analysis in SERTICA to investigate the cause of problems identified in relation to vetting.

Key Features

  • Complete history of all past vetting inspections
  • Inspection status at both fleet and vessel level
  • Register, act and track inspection findings, also per inspector
  • Enter data from questionnaires automatically in SERTICA


  • Automatic import of findings and remarks
  • Comparison of data from OCIMF and data registered in SERTICA

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