Manual procurement processes cause unnecessary administrative costs and ineffective workflows. Not everyone has access to the information needed, and the approval flow is too time consuming to be efficient for your fleet. SERTICA Procurement software is designed specifically to the maritime industry to help manage the procurement activities of your fleet.

Cover the entire procurement flow electronically throughout the fleet with paperless workflows and invoice scanning.



Streamline the procurement process from requisition to payment through a digitalized procurement software. The entire procurement process is managed electronically in SERTICA, including on-board requisitions, sending RFQs, evaluating quotations from suppliers, and approvals. You can issue purchase orders as well as manage inventory and supplier catalogues all from the shipping procurement software.
Managing supply chain activities efficiently via the procurement software results in higher quality, competitive prices and on-time delivery. You avoid excessive inventory, shortage of critical items, long lead times, late deliveries and equipment downtime. SERTICA procurement software even helps you choose the best vendors and the most profitable ports.

Our Purchase Order System eliminates manual processes and implements paperless workflows to speed up the procurement process. SERTICA interfaces to your ERP system to reduce administrative costs and ineffective workflows. Our maritime procurement software is easy to install and yet it can completely transform your business, reducing processing times and smoothing over any bumps or human errors.


SERTICA e-procurement gives you a perfect overview of information and countless possibilities such as connecting orders to different projects, following your order status and evaluating suppliers and quotations. Benefits include:

  • Reduced administrative resources
  • Procurement system with paperless workflows
  • Third party integrations
  • One cost and time-saving system

SERTICA Adquisiciones

A continuación, verá una breve demostración de cómo funciona SERTICA Adquisición en una nave. La simplicidad es una palabra clave cuando se habla de sistemas a bordo. La tripulación puede solicitar fácilmente repuestos, equipos y artículos específicos. Una vez que se emite la solicitud, la tripulación fácilmente puede seguir el estado de aprobación de las mismas. Si desea recibir una demostración completa de lo que nuestro sistema de órdenes de compra puede hacer tanto para la oficina como para los buques, contáctenos.
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